Together as a people of God
Together as a people of God
Hey Everyone,
It's already that time of year again. School is starting and everyone's getting back into a routine, which means Sunday school will start as well.
The first day is next week, Sunday, September 10 at 10:00 AM.
Please reach out to me for this year's Parent Packet with all the updated info, including the registration form. You can either fill it out on the computer and email it back to me, or print it and hand it into me. Just please do so by September 10
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. We hope to see everyone next week!
Take care,
Christian Education Annual Report
This year we have continued our Bible-based learning curriculum called “Spark”. We find this program to be an excellent tool to help use to help us create a rich faith based learning experience for your children.

Each Sunday, the children read a story or biblical passage from the Spark teaching bible and this then enables us to discuss the moral of each story. This enables us to help the children connect each biblical story to their own lives. The children work on small crafts and play enjoyable games that help further re-enforce the content of each lesson. The stories and lessons are interactive and designed to help each child better understand the bible, then translate biblical content to their lives as well as experience the joy of learning.

For the church school year 2017-2018 we will continue using our bible based learning curriculum. Additionally, we will also strive to find service projects both within our own church community and beyond. Our focus in this area is to help our children grasp and experience the whole meaning of service and outreach to one another both within our Trinity Community and beyond.

But we are facing some real challenges. We would of had 16 children last year, if all were present, but only about 4-6 attended on average!  The question before us is; how do we meet and address the spiritual needs of your children given all that is going on in your lives and theirs, with regard to work, sports, the need for time away et al.

It has been a wonderful privileged to teach your children and help them learn, experience and apply in some way the rich teachings of Holy Scripture to their lives. Your children are true joy to teach and educate.

Christine and I thank you for the privilege of educating your children.


Rachel Poli, Director of Christian Education




Spark’s mission is to spark a new life in Christian communities.


Every Spark lesson follows a four-part sequence: Gather, Open the Bible, Activate Faith, and Send. Each week, kids and teachers will gather together to explore their Bibles, enjoy fun activities, pray, and grow in faith. Spark words with leaders from a variety of denominations and perspectives. They invite practitioners and congregations from around the world to help develop new ideas. Spark creates a whole new class of faith using formation resources created for today’s Christians. Using technology, language, and active learning, the concepts match the 21st-century lifestyles. Spark strives to make creativity, collaboration, and even humor synonymous with thought-provoking, Bible-based learning.


Spark is Bible-centered and the kids will interact with the Bible in every lesson. They will read stories and passages, look at pictures, and examine each story closer in depth. They will learn the moral of each story and be able to connect it to their real life. In addition, the kids will have hands-on activities, crafts, and games to help better understand the lesson, be able to refer to real life situations, and also have fun doing so!

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